Developing a bridging culture to encourage collaboration and growth.

Have you ever had the feeling that,  even though you speak the same language as your colleagues, you can’t understand a word they’re saying? Maybe you’re sitting in a meeting, scratching your head and wondering if you’re losing your mind as you listen to your colleagues try to explain their perspective.

The good news is, you’re not going crazy. In every company, there is actually a vast diversity of “languages,” of expertise and priorities: customer relations, sales, suppliers, marketing, financial, technical, legal, etc. Even though these people are ultimately working towards the same goal (the success of your company), because they’re coming at it from different perspectives it can be hard for them to see eye to eye.

The bad new is, all of this creates a complex environment which is a challenge to manage and can be wilding unproductive for companies.

That's why I think all companies need to build a bridge. Or, more specifically, develop a “bridging culture.”

A “bridging culture” means people in your company are prepared to grasp complex concepts, to identifying the company’s disjointed elements before uniting them harmoniously. It means multidisciplinary knowledge is encouraged to give employees a holistic, multidimensional, point of view that is critical to finding the necessary solutions. As a Strategist, I use bridging to connect creativity and strategic thinking, to understand “how the things work,” and to perceive people’s needs to create a business direction that works better for everybody. To be a good “bridger,” you need to listen and learn first.

You can’t avoid complex business situations that’s why you need to embrace them.

Yes, I know, it is difficult, but I promise it’s worth it. By seeing your company as a holistic eco-system and implementing this bridging culture, you will provide the most profitable and creative business solutions that resonate with consumers (and your employees) to create deep, enduring and enriching relationships.

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