I was very busy in my mid twenties, eager to live my life, to carry these new societal labels: wife, mother, and career woman. And, it had been like having two or three lives in one with a constant search for balance between work and family life. That’s why for the last 20 years, I have developed strong organization and strategic thinking. When you work and raise two children alone, you want to avoid any catastrophes, so you are always in control, thinking about your next move.

But in my forties, I faced a new challenge in my life: the need to create a new paradigm. The kids have left the house, becoming young independent and incredible adults, and suddenly a huge part of my life was empty. So, after a small crisis about what I will do and be now, I am finally starting to realize that it can be the best time of my whole life: a time of growth, change, and enrichment instead of a challenging loss. It’s never too late to become a better, more polished version of ourselves.

I am now at the age when I can use the wisdom I’ve secured to rebalance and reinvent: taking stock of what I have accomplished and continuing to dream big. I have the opportunity, even the responsibility, to discover who I really am and how I can offer my energy to the world. This is a time to pursue dreams, not to quit dreaming.

First of all, I need to get a clear sense of what I am capable of. What am I bringing to the table?

Since the beginning of my career, I have built on years of learning, using my past experiences as a reference point for everything I do. I have given solutions for a set of complex problems, thanks to my passion, creativity, and experience to be pro-active and offer value immediately. I have on multiple occasions provided leadership and mentored thanks to my experience. I have successfully completed a wide range of challenging missions in Europe, US, and China.

However, it seems that I have trouble finding a senior executive role in communication, marketing or strategy development in the United States. This is why I am assessing what else might be getting in the way of finding the right job for me.

Because I think it is important to be willing to grow, think big, and take on new projects, the global EDHEC MBA is a perfect opportunity for me. More than just a resume enhancement, it will empower me with the knowledge, skills, and long-term vision that lead to innovation.

I want to see and learn from other ways of operating – other types of work, cultures, politics, policies, and procedures, new exciting outcomes that other organizations are striving for, and other “ecosystems”. With the global EDHEC MBA curriculum, I will have the opportunity to enhance my global vision of the business world and to brush up on the latest ideas in business thinking. I will also strengthen my business fundamentals and transform them into actionable insights. With the program, I will be 100% operational not only on my management acumen, leadership, and strategy but also in finance management, international legal management, among many other necessary conditions to be able to embrace a position of an international leader who matters.

As a holistic leader, I want to be as comfortable meeting with investors as I am interacting with creative minds. I want to perfect my ‘right-brain, left-brain’ balance: this will be an essential skill to my success and my ability to innovate at scale.

The MBA program would also help me to challenge my practices, my approaches and myself for the better.

Thanks to the program, I would have a clearer vision for my field and refine exactly what I want to do with my talents and gifts, and thus be more efficiently prepared for top executive positions I really want to take on.

Yes, It’s never too late to become a better, more polished version of ourselves.

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