Introducing the Global Criminal Risks

The Situation

Colgate Palmolive, a multinational, multi-brands, multi-products, consumer goods company, continually expands and operates in more new and unfamiliar countries and markets. But in doing so, they face the increasing volatility, complexity, and ambiguity of the world, putting their company in all sort of high risks.

The organization can be harmed by a variety of threat actors including terrorists, economic criminals, violent criminals, subversives and petty criminals.

How to envision and understand quickly the complexity of the criminal risks, faced by Colgate Palmolive whose products are marketed in 223 countries and territories globally, with 340 properties and 37 900 employees around the world.

The Solution

We 've mapped out a clear framework analyzing the type of threats Colgate is facing as well as the type of perpetrators;  and how criminal actions toward Colgate can critically harm their assets and the value of the company. whether it is the harm to life, property, proprietary information, business productivity, or business reputation.

Our critical tool helped Colgate's leadership team to identify, monitor, mitigate and manage their criminal risks internally and externally more easily. 


Criminal Risks in Business

"Excellent and Interesting Work" Franck J Moison, Vice Chairman Colgate-Palmolive Company

Excellent and Interesting Work.

What we did

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