A Word From Our Founder

Hello, I’m Laurence, a global strategist, risk mitigator, growth marketer and business writer.

I leverage 25 years of experience to help my clients reach the full potential of their ambitions. I work with a talented team of consultants who are not afraid to attack difficult problems. In fact, we build systems that deflect them before they even arise.

I am also a thought leader writing frequently about uniting profit and purpose to help businesses scale successfully and sustainably, with heart. My articles appear frequently in Harvard Business Review and other places around the Internet.

I’ve handled multiple projects for early-stage startups, giant corporations, and the in-between, with responsibilities up to $10 million, including such well-known brands as Debussy, Starwood, Accor, Colgate, Henri Chenot, and Yves Delorme. At every level, I remove annoying obstacles and work through pain points, clearing the way for you to move forward confidently, nurtured by a healthy and safe company culture of your own making.
Working with me goes like this. First, I listen. I am an excellent listener, actually. And this is the most important part of the process, understanding your challenges and also spotting opportunities for growth. In what areas can we take risks? Where do we need to be conservative? How can we move forward safely?
Once we identify what is getting in the way of your success, I make a plan. This is a clear roadmap that you and your team can follow to get from where you are to where you want to be. Then, I compile a tight team to support your efforts as you move through this new journey, so you can reach the next level of success without slowing down your day-to-day.

I work tirelessly to bring many perspectives and angles to solve problems quickly and beautifully. I’m a staunch perfectionist operating from a global viewpoint. I’m from France, and I’ve worked with companies in Monaco, Italy, and Belgium, so I really know the European market. I also know Asia—I’ve worked heavily with companies in China for 10 years. Now based in New York City, I am immersed in the American business community, and very happy about it!

If you have a beautiful vision for what your company can achieve, but something is in the way, I can help.

Would you like to remove your obstacles?