Discover In Lebanon, a conversation of Lebanon humanity.

I'm excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Issuu, the world’s largest digital publishing and discovery platform. My readers can now preview and buy digital access to my last book: In Lebanon, a conversation of Lebanon humanity.

Often, Lebanon serves as a case study of just how complex the social, political, and economic landscape of the Middle East really is. Lebanon shares many of the same challenges present in other states in a region. The Lebanese people, like their neighbors, are entangled in a web created by the presence of intensively cohesive communal groups that complicate the basic definition of the state; by questions regarding the distribution of economic resources; by a young population that is laying siege to the old elites; by the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians; by militant Islam, which has turned religion into a political ideology; by the meddling of Iran; by the rising contest between Shiites and Sunnis; and by the presence of the United States in Iraq.

When using a limited number of words to write about a subject as complex as Lebanon it is critical to establish exactly what I intend to accomplish. My book is an attempt to draw a lucid map on the labyrinth of Lebanese values, cultures, and issues. Mixing pictures and texts, I was able to document all that I saw in a country that has as much darkness as it does treasure.

For those who seek an understanding of Lebanon behind the headlines and the two-minute news summaries, this book is very helpful to discover Lebanon at its core.

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