The genesis of Strat & Shield Co.

How can I protect the competitive advantage, the value, and the financial interests of my company? How can I scale and maintain my business globally?
In the world where everything is being disrupted, where companies face increasing volatility, complexity, and all sorts of new risks, this is the type of questions that our clients ask us every day.

In response to this exploding demand for holistic strategy consulting, Laurence Duarte founded Strat and Shield Co, to ensure to our clients a long-term profit.

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Knowledge Experts

To follow our clients’ expansion globally  in new and unfamiliar markets, Laurence assembles an international team of talented consultants working as partners with the Strat & Shield Co. Together they constantly study, create and perfect innovative and effective tools to satisfy their clients helping them craft the most profitable strategy for their company, their consumers and their collaborators.

Capture New Sources of Value

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